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AL6000 Pro Breathalyser

AL6000 Breathalyser Showing Snap in Sensor

The AL6000 Alcomate Prestige Professional Breathalyser is a highly accurate digital semi conductor breathalyser. It is an ideal model for individuals and organisations not wishing to compromise on accuracy but without the expense of the AL7000 or a Police Grade unit. However, if you are likely to need to use the results of a breath test in order to be the basis for further action which may lead to suspension or dismissal of an employee then you should seriously consider the Drager 6510/6810 Breathalyzer series which are Home Office Approved and have been successfully used at employment tribunals in the UK and worldwide, otherwise the AL6000 Prestige Pro is an ideal screening device.

Alternatively the Alcovisor Mk X offers Police Grade accuracy without full home Office approval at present.

This model is also sold under various other names. There are a limited number of companies, especially e bay sellers, selling the older style AL6000 which does not have the facility to accept a precalibrated drop in sensor. We only sell the 2011 Prestige Pro. When the unit requires calibration, lift the top cover, disconnect the old sensor and simply click in a pre-calibrated sensor module which includes a new air pathway. The breathalyzer is therefore always available, no down time for expensive, time consuming recalibration.

Free Upgrade to recorded delivery (Normally Next Day) will be automatically applied at dispatch - just click on free delivery at check out (UK mainland only).

AL6000 Prestige Pro Specification
Indication of BrAC
0.00 to 2.00 mg/l
Warm up time
Less than 20 seconds
Response Time
Within 5 seconds
Recycle Time
10 seconds
5 x Reusable, Hard plastic supplied
Semi Conductor
Power Supply
2 x AA Batteries - Supplied Free
105g inc batteries
137mm x 73mm x 44mm
Error Sensing, Battery Low, Auto Power Off, Snap in Sensor
+/- 0.010% at 0.10%BAC

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AL6000 £105.00 inc vat & free delivery

AL6000 & Spare Sensor £132.50 inc vat & free delivery

AL6000 & Spare Sensor & 50 Mouthpieces £ 147.50 inc vat & free delivery

100 Extra Mouthpieces Only £30.00 inc vat & free delivery

AL2500 Elite X Breathalyser

AL2500 Elite X Breathalyser


Alcovisor BAC100 Breathalyzer

Professional Police Grade

Alcovisor BAC100 Breathalyser

Draeger 6510/6810 Breathalyser

Professional UK Police Grade

Draeger 6510/6810 UK Police Issue Breathalyser

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