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AlcoSafe showing easy display traffic light alert breathalyzer system

AlcoSafe Breathalyzer unique TCSS alert system

Breathalyser Direct are very pleased to be able to offer this brand new AlcoSafe KX6000S Breathalyzer. This is a superb product with a unique TCSS - (Tri Colour Safe System - RED/AMBER/GREEN) The AlcoSafe™ KX6000S breathalyzer has a unique, easy to read cutting edge easy read Traffic light system', that ensures a non confusing, easy read, accurate breathalyzer result - every time.

You can't get it wrong ! Know Your Limit


Please watch the videos below showing how easy the AlcoSafe KX6000S is to use ! The first test shows a sample of breath which results in a 0.00 reading and a GREEN light TCSS Display (Safe).

The second test shows a positive alcohol test resulting in a high reading and an accompanying RED light TCSS Display (Unsafe)

There is a further warning from the TCSS Traffic Light System which will result in an AMBER (Attention/Caution) Display. The AlcoSafe KX6000S is very easy to use - you can't get it wrong as the digital readout is always accompanied by the TCSS Traffic Light system display showing GREEN/AMBER/RED - Easy !!

AlcoSafe Breathalyzer superior performance

AlcoSafe breathalyzer features

Free Upgrade to recorded delivery (Normally Next Day) will be automatically applied at dispatch - just click on free delivery at check out (UK mainland only). esult. t is supplied with 2 free batteries. Light and convenient, easily stored in a pocket, handbag or car glovebox, The breathalyser is calibrated to alert at 0.05% BAc but this can be changed by the customer very easily if required. and is fully usable in any country.

AlcoSafe KX6000S Specification
Indication of BrAC
0.00 to 2.00 mg/l
Warm up time
18-25 seconds
Response Time
Within 5 seconds
Recycle Time
10 seconds
5 x Reusable, Hard plastic supplied
Semi Conductor
Power Supply
2 x AA Batteries - Supplied Free
105g inc batteries
116mm x 59mm x 27 mm
Error Sensing, Battery Low, Auto Power Off
+/- 0.01% at 0.10%BAC


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