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Alcovisor BAC100 Breathalyser

Police Issue Breathalyser

With Integral Printer


Useable in any country including UK/Eire - Full UK Specification & Calibration

This is a superb model for employee screening/testing where a hard print out test result is required for use as evidence but where the expense of a Draeger 6810/Printer combination is outside the budget.

If you are an employer - just think of the cost to your business if an employee had an accident whilst under the influence of alcohol and during the working day ? Lost Hours ? Loss of the use of a vehicle whilst being repaired ? Loss of income from the vehicle being off the road ? You can save approximately £900 on a Drager/Printer Combination.

This unit offers Police grade accuracy at a fantastic price. All our BAC100 models are calibrated to the UK Police standard of ug/100ml BrAC - meaning they offer the same accuracy with the UK limit showing as 035 - easy to use, no training required.

The BAC100 is approved and in full use for evidential testing (admissible in court as evidence) with Police Forces in:

USA, Russia, Poland, China, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, India, Thailand, Estonia, Lithuania

BAC100 Police Issue Breathalyser

Powerful functions include:

Flow rate and blow time error technology, print copy adjection, ability to key in all information which the user may need, step by step operating indications. The BAC 100 offers both direct and passive sampling. (A sample can be taken without a subject blowing into the unit, although less accurate than normal sampling methods).

Outstanding Features:

Fuel cell: The fuel cell offers exceptional accuracy and a long stable lifespan. The fuel cell has a response which is linear and directly proportional to Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC). Having a high specificity to alcohol, the fuel cell is not influenced by acetone or other breath substances.

Digital Input Keyboard: The Alcotector has a unique outstanding feature which other competitive models do not provide. It has a fully integrated keyboard for data entry. The input digital keyboard is a standard keyboard layout with 12 separate keys which are alpha-numeric for hand data input. The Alcotector will automatically store 2000 tests.

Internal Printer : A thermal printer is combined with the detector. The printer function, provides the time and dates of alcohol tests, the alcohol concentration (BrAC), names, location, vehicle identification (if required) , subject, driver license number (if required), breath test operator (if required), and the serial number of the Alcotector for later use in court/tribunals if required.

This unit is calibrated to the UK Police standard of ug/100ml - UK limit will display as 35.

Outstanding Accuracy

It can be used in any country. The menu can be changed to different languages for use overseas on bulk orders if required.

Kit Includes:

Hard Aluminium Carry Case - Supplied with 2 x keys for security

50 Hard Plastic Mouthpieces

5 Spare Printer Rolls

Battery Recharger

In Car 12V Connector

Leather Carry Case

Rechargeable Batteries

Free Upgrade to Special Delivery (Normally Next Day) will be automatically applied at dispatch - just click on free delivery at check out (UK mainland only).

BAC 100 Specification
Indication of BrAC
0.00 to 2.00 mg/l
Warm up time
Less than 15 seconds
Response Time
Within 20 seconds
Recycle Time
5 seconds
50 x Reusable, Hard plastic supplied
Electro Chemical (Fuel Cell) Sensor
Power Supply
4 x Rechargeable AA Batteries - Supplied Free
295 g excluding batteries
195mm x 68mm x 35mm
Police Grade Accuracy
+/- 0.005mg/ml at 0.10%BAC

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Alcovisor BAC100 Police Issue £825.00 inc vat & free delivery

Extra 100 Mouthpieces Only £40.00 inc vat & free delivery

Extra Printer Rolls (Pack of 5) £25.00 inc vat & free delivery


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AL2500 Elite X Breathalyser


Alcovisor BAC100 Breathalyzer

Professional Police Grade

Alcovisor BAC100 Breathalyser

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